About Reebok

Relaxed, stylish, having the correct foot support, comfortable and eye-catching – so many excellent shoe characteristics can only be achieved with the right brand sneakers. These shoes are made with incredible fabrics and are comfortable and so lightweight that sometimes you have to look down at your feet to see that you’re actually wearing shoes. Sneakers are highly sought after, and being established in the 1800s, they’re simply backed by years of experience. People who wear them can definitely report that their footwear adds a little bit of thunder and lightning to their image.

Reebok is a footwear company and subsidiary of Adidas, and they’ve been producing exciting footwear since 1958. They’ve released many styles of footwear and signed endorsement deals with leading sports people. Its endorsements like this that have seen Reebok enjoy a massive spike in sales. Reebok sneakers are so comfy that at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, a photo was taken of one of the guests wearing a pair of black coloured Reebok sneakers! It is also interesting to note that Reebok was the first sneaker company to introduce eyelets to their shoes for speed lacing, showing how innovative they are.

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