The holy grail of sneaker searching

How much time do you spend trawling through loads of websites, trying to find the perfect pair of sneakers? It’s exhausting and can be a monstrous task that takes up time you could put to better use, yeah? And even when you finally track down the sneakers that are just right, you’re never sure if you got them at the best price. Sound familiar? Wouldn’t it be great if you could click on one website and be able to search the world for the perfect pair of sneakers? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew you were getting the best deal? Welcome to the world of Solezilla!

We love sneakers as much as you do

Solezilla is the one-stop-shop for sneakers. We’ve been bringing together people like you with the perfect sneakers since 2012. We have over a thousand different models for you to choose from. We can pair you up with the latest and most desirable sneakers at a discounted price you will not believe. Check us out and see what we’ve got for you. We think you’ll be impressed because we love sneakers too. At Solezilla we introduce you to the new partners for your feet.

Best-price sneakers for everyone

Nike, Adidas, New Balance… so many brands. So much choice. Whether you’re a man, woman or kid, if you know what you want, we’re sure you’ll find it with only a few clicks on Solezilla. And if you’re browsing? Well, with over 60 international webshops to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. And the price? At Solezilla we guarantee you value for money. We’re one of the largest sneaker search engines on the web. Check out our prices against the manufacturer’s recommended ones. Our discounts could save you up to 70%! Shop with Solezilla. We won’t let you down.

How it all started

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, a group of sneaker enthusiasts came up with a dazzling idea for a website: a search engine dedicated to offer the best sneaker deals with just a few mouse clicks. No more tiresome quests for the perfect pair, no more frustrating searches and going through one webshop after another without finding what you are really looking for. Launced in 2012, the Dutch sneaker search engine Sneakers4u, was an overnight succes and sneakerheads from The Netherlands could be seen happily strolling from windmill to windmill and trotting through the tulip fields wearing their new sneakers. Even traditional wooden cloggs wearing folks were tempted to use the search engine and look for much more comfortable shoewear for the best price.

As owners we were happy with our succes but we did feel sorry for sneaker fans outside our home country. After serious contemplation we came up with a cunning plan: we created a spin-off, just like the networks do with successful TV shows. In 2017 the international version of the sneaker search engine was a fact. It grew to monstrous proportions : invaded the internet and the world of sneakers would never be the same.

Wannabe superheroes, make way for Solezilla!

Seriously, who needs Spider Dudes, Iron Blokes, Wonder Chicks or any other incredible, amazing or unstoppable creatures? There is only one true superhero: Solezilla, Master of the Sneaker Universe! This hulk of a super sneaker search engine makes sure you get yourself the best and most amazing deals for incredible prices.

We let you marvel at the fantastic range of super choices from the best sneaker shops in the galaxy. Today is one of the largest sneaker search engines in the world and provides access to no less than 60,000 sneakers compiled from over 60 international webshops. Find out all about Solezilla’s unstoppable superpowers and get yourself a new pair of sneakers. You know you want to!

Sneakerheads around the globe know it: selecting a new pair of soft and comfy kicks is a very personal matter, not to be taken lightly. Solezilla understands exactly where you are coming from and will help you make the perfect choice. And choice there is in sneaker land, so much choice. Solezilla’s search engine will show you the various top brands such as Converse, Nike and Adidas with just a few mouse clicks. Next to the most popular and best-selling models you can also look for less well-known and even very rare sneakers.

With so many shops and so many different shoes in so many colours, your selection made with help of Solezilla will be the perfect choice for the best price, a very personal choice for you and nobody else but you.

The sneaker search engine can show you the best deals for men, women, children and even babies. Check back regularly as offers and prices get updated daily!

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