About Jordan

In terms of pedigree, is there any shoe brand more recognisable and iconic than the Air Jordan, which has a history that dates back to 1984? Nike’s creation of this signature brand in honour of the basketball great, Michael Jordan, only served to spark the genesis of what is ‘till today something of a shoe revolution that just lives on an on.

Jordans assume a life of their own
Even if you lived under a rock and you knew absolutely nothing about the man behind the iconic Jordan shoe range, backed by an involvement by Nike on different levels of course, if your eyes have come across at least one pair of a specific model of Jordans then you’d be style-challenged if they didn’t spark any admiration in you! The Jordan range of shoes has definitely assumed a life of its own, with a pair of Jordans available in abundance for all kinds of styles and preferences. It’s about more than just looks though, with great performance contained in the active models.

Step into the iconic shoes of a legend
Whether you’re inspired to start assembling the different Jordan models available to grow your own collection or if you’ve rightfully identified a few models through which to express your specific style and taste, there’s a wide selection to pick from, for both men and women. You’re at the right place, because Solezilla is where you can run extensive comparisons by brand product, price, size and any other metric you’d use to search for your ultimate pair(s) of Jordans. The availability across various web stores stocking and shipping the shoe to your location is aggregated right here to save you time and money and to help you locate the perfect fit for you.