About Converse

This American shoe company is famous for producing skating shoes and stylish sneakers. It was established in 1908 and has been specialising in rubber-based footwear. At the time, it was called Converse Rubber Shoe Company. Converse later began to use rubber to make its iconic sneakers, which were popular among athletes. This caused the company’s sales to be somewhat low as this type of shoe was not viewed as leisure wear. It was not until it renamed the canvas Converse basketball shoes as the ‘All-Star’ that the company captured a significant market. The name became famous in 1921 as it was quickly followed by an endorsement by Charles Chuck Taylor, a basketball player. Converse later printed Taylor’s name on the ankle patch to appreciate his hard work hence, the distinctive company logo. It was this logo that caused Chuck Taylor shoe to become the most popular footwear in the industry. Its characteristic rubber sole, wrap-around strip and smooth-rounded toe also distinguished this company’s shoes. In 1936, Converse designed a different shoe for the Olympics. It was a white hightop Chuck Taylor with blue and red stripes along the sole. It was this style that dominated this brand’s footwear.

Converse took on numerous amounts of licensing deals and sponsorships that increased its popularity among sports stars and the public. By 1957, the company boasted an impressive 80% of market share in the sneaker industry. However, the company faced competition from rival sneaker companies like Nike and after the death of Chuck Taylor in 1968, Converse changed hands several times. It continued to face financial troubles until it filed for bankruptcy in 2001. It was then that Nike acquired the brand to help it recover. It retained its name and continues to manufacture products under the names Chuck Taylor All-Star, Cons, Jack Purcell and John Varvatos. Converse also produces clothing and sells a range of products to retailers in more than 160 countries.